Monday, September 20, 2010

Ridor's a Monster!

Robert Mason Is that true about Ricky D. Taylor aka Ridor is in jail right now? Barry Sewell posted his blog said someone posted the vlog to share unforunate news about Ridor being in jail. I could not possibly open the YouTube video with the requirement of Flash Player 10.0. What is the nature of Ridor's arrest?
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Diane Squires I hope not.
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Robert Mason Check out gratefuldeaf and Okay?
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Don Grushkin Apparently Jason (Grateful Deaf) was talking about Ricky. Someone else posted a mug shot of Ricky in the VA jail system. charges were for "larceny", "contempt of court" and one other thing
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Diane Squires True biz? If it is. It is not my biz. Innocent until proven guilty or just a rumor. So sad many Deaf immediately accuse him as a bad person.
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David Ennis I can't believe that Ridor is in jail. Hopefully it's pure rumor and that's all.
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David Ennis Yes, It confirmed that Ridor is in jail after reading the VineLink (Va correction system). When you enter the VineLink and type '43342' in the Offender ID search box and find a mugshot of Ridor. However it does not say anything why he is in jail. Please don 't forget that he is still innocent for now.
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Diane Squires I hope it is a misdemeanor.
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Shawn Elfrink WTF?! Barry announced that on vlog? New vlog? Oh pLs I do not want to bother pay attebshun to his boring vlog again! Barry always wasted our time worrying for NOTHING! Many of Barry's vlogs are for nose pickers! Good night!
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Diane Squires Barry should be placed in the psych ward for a long term treatment.
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David Ennis Something strange about Barry Sewell's his initial name, B.S. as same as Barry telling his B.S. stories LOL No wonder, he tried to create his alternative name for his vlog like Dr Hochan or so...
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Kevin Scubaby Yep I was shocked-- Barry didn't start this rumor. It was Carl at
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David Ennis
Kevin You are right that Barry did not start the rumor but he later wrote with his stereotypical attitude in his blog to blame Carl, bilingual supporters, etc.. That's his B.S. story style. In fact, Carl did not start the rumor. I don't ...have familiar with new person's name who first started the news. I can't remember his person's full name except starting with first four letters- Deaf_____ .See More
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Diane Squires Hope it is only misdemeanor. Really it is not my business to snoop his private life. Each person has own issue. Nothing to do with us and the ASLrocks.
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Barb DiGi We cannot judge without the court's outcome. Not guilty until proven innocent. Remember the system can be corrupted and make mistakes when it comes to arresting a person. Oh, Barry who? Jason who? Carl who? Fascinating how they spent so much time exposing one another. What do we benefit from this? Nothing!
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Barb DiGi Yikes, I mean innocent until proven guilty!
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Diane Squires I second Barb DiGi!
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David Ennis Barb I second too.
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Shawn Elfrink
Barb, all we do respect Ridor's family by leaving them alone. They do deserve L ♥ V E as much as they need it. But Carl's video comment did mentioned about "terrorized" in ASLROCKS from this link: al...ready know that Carl got banned from dvtv also! I did bashed HonBrit + DeafBunny owner also from my video but I have not get ban from both ASLROCKS, dvtv + deafread.Found out that lots of members of dvtv + deafread did go watch ASLROCKS. So it is up to PL the ASLROCKS website owner. Tar said that we have to listen on both sides!See More
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Shawn Elfrink Someone did contacted me from email that there are 3 posted blogs about Ridor from DeafRead already.
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Diane Squires I agree Ridor and his family deserve privacy like many of us. We never know some vloggers are guilty (or acquitted) of the crime(s). Amen.
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Robert Mason
First of all, I personally know who the Gratefuldeaf. His name is Jason T. He is a good guy who fully supports the Deafhood and other "D" things. I found out that several individuals involved with Gally frat exposed Ridor in time for the AS...P Bash next Monday or Tuesday to discredit the ASP fraternity. Yes, too many people commit larcency anyway like people forget to pay for stuff and walk out of the store. Or commit such money fraud thru Internet, etc. Let's see and wait to see what the judicial outcome will be. Ridor need to learn how to behave in the court of law. He could be boorish and act inapproriate in defy of the judicial process. Most important of all is to cooperate with the judge or magistrate and act cordial and submissive as only the way to get thru the judicial system. I got too many email messages from deaf people all over the country CHEER to see Ridor being in jail. How contradicatory for Ridor being arrested in time for the Deafhood workshop down in Richmond. Many deaf people poured out their hatred for Ridor to his kid brother, Gary at the Deaf Night Out in DC last September 3rd. Yes, Barb DiGi is absolutely right about the likely possibility of judicial corruption and railroadings.See More
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Barb DiGi How could one be a good person when he started the rumor and his mentor to post the mugshot? That is not an example of Deafhood behavior.
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Diane Squires
What did Ricky do for the crime? If it is a misdemeanor or it is not related to the Deaf issues. Again it is not my business. You will NEVER know some vloggers did the serious crimes such as sexually assaulted or even worse. Please... Please be careful of you have to say here. I am tired when many target Ridor for a little thing. Being arrested and spend in jail doesn't mean Ridor is guilty. Again INNOCENT until PROVEN GUILTY Let it go.Respect Ridor and his family's privacy.See More
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Robert Mason
Barb DiGi, with due respect, Ridor's arrest and imprisonment are not the rumor, but really existed. No questions about Ridor's arrest and imprisoment are real news which people deserve to know what is going on with Ridor.Ridor choose to be... a public figure as blogger and vlogger. He is a real celebrity among us, deaf people. People are people savoring such celebrity news anyway. Too bad about our nowaday society have no no no privacy left. That's what our world is all about now! The news of Ridor's arrest & imprisonment probably will give more attention to what occurs with the judicial system for deaf people. I really do not know what is Jason's agenda of posting such info about Ridor's arrest.Jason did not respond to my FB message since he is too busy with his schoolwork. I was told that Jason was visibly uncomfortable giving out report about Ridor being arrested and jailed on his vlog. I haven't seen his YouTube vlog posting yet. If someone deaf break the law, then the info surely will be the public info (the public's right to know). The police reports are open to the public anyway. That is nothing to do with the concept of Deafhood to keep people from knowing if someone deaf do something unlawful. People naturally love to gossip, spread news as part of our own humanity as research studies show. Gossip itself is part of our own human mechanism for the social conformity to keep people in line regarding their behaviors. I am very glad that you urge people not to make any conclusions about Ridor until the courtroom verdict. I am sure that Ridor would do same thing about informing others about someone deaf being arrested or prior convictions. Ridor did issue out personal info about other deaf people. Many people emailed me - 'Karma is bitch !"See More
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Diane Squires Robert, Deaf Community is extremely small and ... Sadly his reputation is already ruined. Let's focus how good person he is. Ridor makes many excellent vlogs and challenges us to think. If he has his own personal issues not related to us. Who cares.
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Robert Mason
Diane, I already said "larcency and contempt of court" what Ridor had been arrested for. I will talk to the District Attorney tmw morning or this week to find out why Ridor being charged, etc. Every arrests usually shared with legal barracu...das (lawyers) for them to make $$ out of lawyer hirings. That would be very interesting development with Ridor's arrest and imprisonment. News are news. Mike McConnell is right about one thing - bloggers and vloggers are in the shark-infested water smelling for bloods (worthy news to report). Journalistic newsreportings are in my blood anyway. I have been carefully walking on the tightrope when come to deaf newsreportings for very long time. I could see that many deaf people are in long line for payouts what Ridor done to them over years. I put up with Ridor for many years. For example, Ridor recently called me "slut" on my blog posting which I wrote very nice posting about Ridor. He doesn't want people to know that he asked and asked me for $$$. I did give him generous $$$ which he never bother to pay me back or thank me. At first, I never mention about Ridor asked me for $$ until he said "I never like you!" I had a last straw with him which I always treated him with respect over years. I helped Ridor out on generous terms, but he still smeared me with false info like "slut" and "pedophile" on his blog.Me, slut or pedophile? Oh my God! Ridor got resentful toward me which I slept with several Gallaudet male students half the age of mine in the 90s and 2000s. I never was interested in sleeping with younger guys ,but those guys threw themselves at me. Ridor had no right to smear me in any way. I brushed off young guys often, but some Gallaudet fellows threatened me "No more friends if you do not have sex with me". I was drunk at that time. I subjected to their threats. Yes, I had problems with the Doormat Syndrome myself of being too nice guy. I guess that karma comes to Ridor for what he done to people in general.See More
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Diane Squires Robert - This is how Ridor does in his vlogs. Like actors, artists, comedians and more. I only focus on him as a smart mouthed talented vlogger. I don't care about his personal life and all that. For example -- I personally don't like Tom Brady as a person however I like him as a great QB football player. Am I clear?
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Diane White What s goes around and comes around! He asked for it. I m not fond of him at all after all he has a nasty bastard mouthy and never respect others .. Yeah he signed up for Deaf hope that makes it look bad.. Very nice of him! He is the one who is the first signature of Deaf Hope. He has no remorse for anybody but himself that is all he cares about himself. Yeah I aint afraid of him however I dont want to deal with him because he wasted of my time.. Have fun in jail that he will love it very much as of you know why. RME!
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Diane White He made it look bad for Deaf community for nothing so however he made himself look bad that is what he deserves it. I dont feel sorry for him. He is the one responsibility for his own actions as well. He hurt so many people for the wrong reasons.
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Robert Mason
Ridor never apologize to me for what he done to me and others. He have to pay for his own deeds. Ridor exposed someone's HIV status (bgarmon8) on his YouTube vlogs. What to do with someone's personal life. Ridor is very hyprocritical about ...not submitting any personal info about others, but he did, did, did! I personally know bgarmon8 vlogger. He is incredibly nice person, but Ridor reduced him to something monstrous and called many people "retarded". Ridor smeared my good name with falsehoods for many years as what many Gallaudet students came forward to inform me what he said shitty things about me. What I done anything to Ridor? Nothing! Ridor's sister, Hedy told me not to give her own brother any money at all. Hedy shared horror stories about Ridor when they grew up. Whoa! Ridor need to learn how to be diplomatic and respectful toward others.You and others are feeding on the misery of others from Ridor's hateful behaviors like people keep buying shitty stuff like the National Enqurier. Anyone do not deserve any falsehoods or smeared info to be untruthful.Too many people are afraid of Ridor's wrath. Too many deaf people have to give $$$ to Ridor or he will chew them out on his blog/vlog. I gave $$ to Ridor to help out any deaf fellows. He took advantage of my generosity and decency. Talented vlogger? Plz!!!! His only talents are spewing the worst of humanity, not bring out best out of us! Ridor chewed Jane Fernandes for personal reasons. Many Gallaudet staffers and professors knew the ugly side of Ridor. They felt whew for Ridor leaving the Gallaudet campus. Ridor was well-known for airing anyone's dirty laundry if someone refuse to subcumb to his wishes. Ridor emailed me via VAX system in the 90s and asked me for SEX! I replied nicely - "I am not a kind of person for sleeping around". Guess what? Ridor caused chaos within my housemaetes from his Gally dormitory. Other housemates and I lived off the campus as a returning student. I couldn't believe it at all like Ridor announced that my housemates are closeted gays.Not true! My housemates were very shocked what Ridor done to them. Ridor pressured other deaf guys to show their own private parts . What kind of person he was! Ridor told many people about my personal life, ex. sexual orientation. Uh-huh! I never seen myself as a gay person at all. I'm just Robert L. Mason. Ridor waltzed into me at Gally library and accused me of backstabbing him. I said "What?" He never asked me if I done any badmouthing of him during my years as a returning student. Just blured out accusation in front of people in very public way. *shaking head in disbelief* Ridior said that he filed complaint against me at the Student Life. I went to see the Student Life to find out what Ridor filed against me. Guess what? Nope! Sue Hanhran with the Student Life was very furious - "RICKY TAYLOR RICKY TAYLOR RICKY TAYLOR". She asked me if I want her to talk to Ricky and tell him to stop very childish and immature behavior. I said 'No out of fear what Ridor will do next to me". I really could not wait to see Ridor being dragged into the prison cell for guys with HIV to tear out his hole (rectum) for what he done to me and others! I often wish that I could stomp on Ridor, but I am a lawful person. I have to say "FUCK YOU, DIANE" for rooting for someone who destroy too many people's falsehoods. I admire your honesty anyway. I am glad that people know me, real Robert as a nice guy. Ridor ever badmouthed my deaf mother "I hear that many people do not like your mother". People love my grandmother moer than your mother". He got info from just one person without checking out mutliple sources. Oh my God! Ridor done the same thing to deaf person I respect for many years. He blasted this deaf person without talking to the person first to see his side, etc. Ridor hurt too many people in general. He have to be stopped and changed his style to be a better person for sake of humanity.See More
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Robert Mason
Diane White, well-said.More deaf people need to stand up to Ridor and his monstrous behavior to tell him to grow up and act like a mature person. I will be very happy to testify against Ridor in the court of law to TEACH HIM A TRUE LESSON F...OR WHAT HE DONE TO ME AND OTHERS OVER YEARS! That is a payback to Ridor!!See More
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Diane White
Which Diane is that? I have nothing to do with you, Robert as far as I know of. Well he damaged Deaf leaders Larry F who recently died last few months ago and was very rude remarks about him. Also he damaged Deaf leader/Publisher s that... I stood up and told him off .. Guess what he removed the whole 900 comments from people who had been very negative about someone that I dont agree all of them. He was being nasty toward me after all I stood up and told him that I am not afraid of him as he expected me to be afraid of him. Scoffs!See More
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Diane White He removed a lot of my comments that I stood him up in front of public.. Guess what, some of them who are on his side that I was shocked. That s when I finally refused to listen to some of them as I refused to name it.. Since they dont respected me when I was with them in a real life. I got a very bad vibes around them as I knew it. They sticked up for him that s how I lost respect some of them. What a real shame!
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Robert Mason
Diane White, I am speaking of Diane Squires. I said "Fuck you, Diane".I am really sorry about causing you some confusion. Thanks for clearing up this one. I have to be real careful from now on what I say on this FB. Really, Diane White abou...t Ridor removed your comments? What hyprocrite he was!I do not meant for us to kick someone like Ridor when someone is down. Just the time phase for us to pour out our own feelings. Handful of deaf elites asked me why I left my comments on Ridor's blogs and assumed that I was a pal with Ridor.See More
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Diane Squires Me back off. I respect your perspective of Ridor9th. I am sorry you have been going thru this person in the past.
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Robert Mason Peace out, Diane Squires. Ridor remind me much of Mortney Downey, tv personality in the 80s for being a big-mouthed talk show host ,then got discredited and became nobody!
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Diane White
‎"You and others are feeding on the misery of others from Ridor's hateful behaviors like people keep buying shitty stuff like the National Enqurier. " There you go, Robert Thank you for saying it aloud that i have had said it all along. ...:) That s why my original blog shut down by that They never explained it to me why? That s the reason I refused to renew my blog ever again.. -------------------------I've added smileys to this comment. Wanna see them? Go to .........................See More
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Jeff Ryan Carlson Robert, you are a better person than Ridor will ever be.
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Robert Mason TKY, Jeff!
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Diane White
Diane Squire, I never liked to watch his vlogs at all after few times i did that turned me off completely.. He exposed nasty sexual behaviors that makes it look bad for gay community as well. His background channel of his vlog before ...I saw it.. I did saying something in my original blog that I couldnt believe I was right about him. So he has no respect for anybody especially kids who watched his vlogs that exposed nasty background wall and bashed many good people that I respect. Also he has a lot of favoritism that I was shocked at them for accepting the way he behaved toward Deaf community.. That s why I lost respect some of them and their organizations.. Also some of them apologized at him that I REFUSED to apologize for him since I have had nothing to say to him after what he did it to me and many Deaf people s innocent. He bashed me badly in his own blogs. HE LIED too many times as I confronted him. He is nothing but nasty mouth for his own center attention that he got you good to believe him for nothing. LA LASee More
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Diane Squires Yes Robert and Diane White, I am truly sorry for those who experienced this with Ridor. I feel for you. I have no clue about him. I only watch him as a v/blogger.
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Diane White look at his channel of youtube u ll see what i mean about his background wall.. Think harder!
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Diane White and find one vlog that is very bad that he doesnt care everyone knows what he did with a hearing guy in the hotel.. he is very sick man to share with others especially kids who might see this. He made it look bad for Deaf gay community as well as he has no respect for them, too.
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Shawn Elfrink
Why worry about saving Ridor's butt?We should stop wasting our time worry about Ridor for now! One of DBC cores should not waste time focus on Ridor for now! Deaf children needs our help now! Do not extended our time to focus on adult's p...roblems while Deaf babies + children are wasting their education time or left behind! DBC cores should be neutral + fair for the donators or they will be loss in fundraising from the donators $$$$$! Time to start RESPECT + be FAIR! Thank you + good night for now! Gotta go bed!See More
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Jeff Ryan Carlson
I know Ricky Taylor personally. He used to be my roommate while working as a summer camp counselor. We hung out a lot while I was in Gallaudet. I can attest to you that he is not a good person. He is very negative. The problem I see from hi...m is he is very bright, but he does not give back to the community for continuing war of words with people by blogging and vlogging. He also like to spread lies or embarrassing gossip about someone. We are better than him. Who would ever forget him talking about a guy paying him to shit on his chest? Would I respect a friend for that? Why should it be different for him? Let's move it from there. Ricky Taylor, aka Ridor, live or die, that I don't care. Jail for good reason or not, it is not my problem. All I know is he has no place in my good life.Robert, you are a good guy. I like you. You are very progressive. You don't need him. See More
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Marby John Bonales ‎(scoff) u guys feel sorry for Ridor?? NOT ME, he deserved with karma for what he has done to ruin people reputation and myself.. bottom of the line. I am not done with him until I get to meet him again.. he better watch out for big time.
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Robert Mason
LOL! Good one, Marby! I really like what you plan to do with him. I used to fanastize about roasting Ridor with apple in his mouth to show how I really feel about him. Or strip Ridor all naked and throw him in the pig pen of what he is like. Oink! Oink! Oink!See More
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Robert Mason
Some rumors about Ridor being arrested for roughing up his own mother few months ago. That explains about Ridor being arrested for violation of suspended sentence due to the recent domestic problem at his home. I talked to the Riverside Reg...ional Jail's Records Depatment to summarize me what was going on with Ridor. i did ask the jail personnel if Ridor have been well-behaved at the jail or scream, scream, scream about his right, etc. Ridor's sister, Hedy admitted to me last few years ago about her true concerns about Ridor living with their mother.See More
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Jeff Ryan Carlson
I found out more details about Ridor's arrest. He stole his mother and brother's money and their flat screen TV. Source have it that his next court date is this Friday. I wonder where he will go if his own family won't admit him. I just ca...nnot stop laughing at Ridor's misery. See More
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