Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Are Ridor and Kittell Frauding "Deaf America"?

Are Ridor and James Kittell committing any fraudulent practices when come to the retailing of ASL Media's latest book?? Look at the enclosed YouTube video of what the deaf lady found in that book!

According to the federal and handful of state and local laws to protect customers from being deceived by any retailers or business. Look up what do you have the customer rights under those laws - http://www.enotes.com/everyday-law-encyclopedia/deceptive-trade-practices

First of all, contact the ASL Media via James Kittell first to inquire why either of you find out that there are blank pages in "What Audiologists Tell You ..." nonfiction book and get the full refund free ASL Media materials for emotional distress and inconvenience for cost of your precious time and gas commuting. You still are entitled to free book from the ASL Media.

If the ASL Media fails to do, please contact the state attorney general office in your state immediately. That is a serious matter for distressed customer being deceived by the ASL Media and Ridor9th, deaf vlogger! Stand up for your customer rights.

Another deaf victim of the ASL Media, Inc had been not given any purchased materials as what she paid for the customer product and never received them!

Hope get book from ASL Media

Other questionable issue involved "trustworthiness" of the ASL Media from UK http://www.grumpyoldeafies.com/2006/11/is_this_fake.html

Look at James Kittell's damage control video regarding the latest book!


Any promoter like Ridor9th will be still liable for fraudlent practices within the ASL Media, Inc.

ASLize yours,

Robert L. Mason (RLM)



  1. Not the best move on their part but no, it's not fraud. There are other similar books out on the market.

  2. Anonymous 1:30pm,

    Why the ASL Media sells this book for almost fifteen (15) dollars????

    Other books would sell for only less than five dollars, not $15!

  3. Ridor9th is an asshole like usually. Another meth addict robbed some people.

  4. More Halloween embarrassments coming up!

  5. This guy even has a gut to post this fake LOC numbers.

    ISBN-10: 0615404456
    ISBN-13: 9780615404455
    Library of Congress Control Number: 2010913748

    The other one that sells the same marketing can be found at LOC while ASL Media doesnt.

  6. oh boy!! that sucks!! glad I give him any penny!

  7. Contact Kittel's father! He must stop give him support money! He is a rich dentist. How embarasing for father and Deaf community! What a mess!!!

  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RE2dPaRfSF8

  9. It's DEfrauding, not frauding

  10. Only suckers will flock to those infamous thieves!

  11. Whoa! Look at Karen Mayes stooping low w/o any pride. Her eyelashes flashing, flattering w/ Ridor, calling him INTELLECTUAL. I thought she's sophisticated woman, but me wrong. Can't believe she talks like a whore! Aaaaaah, now we know her better.

  12. http://www.alldeaf.com/general-chat/23087-message-james-steve-kittell.html

  13. I didn't know about this until you called it to our attention but it is obvious that the book is a joke. It is titled "Everything Audiologists and Speech Therapists Know About the Deaf" and inside most of the pages are blank, i.e. they don't know anything about the deaf. It's a joke, get it? It's a gag gift like a pet rock, something to leave around and when people pick it up they will laugh.