Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Is Ridor's Empire Crumble?

Look like that Ridor's own fear mongering empire crumble bit by bit.

Zurfer made very courageous video reply to Ridor9th in regard to his unethical way of

promoting James Kittell's latest ASL Media publication - "What Audiologists Tell You ..."


Let's REVOLT against Ridor and his loyalists protecting the empire of lies, deceits, manipulations, fear mongerings, smear campaigns, threats, character assassinations

and other endless lists of Ridor's evil empire.

Luke Sykwalker is a symbol of "Deaf America". Darth Vader is one of the courageous Ridor9th loyalist to defy the evil Emperor -


It's a time for us to say "CHARGE" and ride on armored horses to shake the foundations of Ridor's Evil Empire!

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