Thursday, October 14, 2010


I, Robert L. Mason known as "RLMDEAF" or "RLM", regretfully inform you, my readers that I am leaving the DeafRead for several reasons, ex.

Systematic censorship on DeafRead which too many of my blog postings never manage to get published by the DeafRead to reach the wide audience like you, all.

I really sometimes do not understand WHY handful of my blog postings never get published without any explaination from the DR editors.

Many editors in general, usually inform the writer why hir article will be not published, etc.

I want my blog postings to be "uncensored" without any fear for not able to pass the DR's editorship. I often restraint my thoughts and expression so I could get my blog postings published on the DR.

I often wonder why too many "unworthy" blog postings of mine tend to get published while other "worthy" ones hardly get published.

I rather get my own blog posting published without making any concessions, concerns and limits.

I will explore what will be my next option for getting my thoughts and expertise in gathering information and facts for my loyal readers.

I want to thank every of you make my blog postings to be much possible. I truly appreciate your faithful readership for about five years.

Robert L. Mason (RLM)


  1. Now your article is on front page... hey come back!

  2. What? Are u nut? What about bloggers who get more expose than you?? More hh, oral and CI take over again and grow? Are u chicken?

  3. He is also censoring some of our comments. What is a big deal?

  4. Do you think cyberbullying cause you depart? I think so because I observed what other vlogger/blogger did to you but...... you did to other vice- versa like to Mike Connell, Barry Sewell, and many more in past .

  5. Robert.. Deaf read has learned their lessons when they let Ricky Taylor (ridor9th) have total control and power in the way things went on deaf read. Even when Ricky taylor had won many of the blog awards away from others, they sat in fear.
    When Ridor grew so controversal, they knew they were facing some serious legal and libel actions from some several people.
    Deafread authors finally had to take back control and finally Ridor was told to GET LOST! Ridor left after the authors began to block him.
    Deafread is trying their best to maintain control without heading into legal waters.
    So they're trying to look at all the postings before releasing to the newsfeed.

    So Robert, have a heart for Deaf read editors and authors. the damage that ricky taylor has done will not erase deafread's painful past. but it will help improve it's future.

    You also have done some serious attacking as well. That's why you are controversal as ridor is. so think about it.

    As the old adage says: Becareful of what you post becuase it can come back to bite you. It already has bit ridor a lot. it has bit others too.

  6. I meant YOU are also censoring some of our comments. What is a big deal?