Friday, October 1, 2010

Study on Quality of Life Among Deaf Youth CI Users

Harold Crane, the loyal blog reader of mine sent me this newspaper article about the latest study on the quality of life among deaf youth CI users whether the device really help them or not.

One deaf teenager admitted to her parents that she felt real NORMAL without the use of cochlear implant!

Look at this enclosed article -

Many thanks to Harold Crane, my dear friend from the Sunshine State for sending me this enclosure!

Audism-Free America also received this newspaper article from Harold Crane, too.

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)


  1. Keep reading and look at the second study
    "Conclusion: Children with CIs experience quality of life similar to that of normal-hearing peers"

    Like any studies, they limited their scope, are difficult to compare with other studies and experiences and are subjective. Such as the young interviewee in the article was implanted at 8, incomparable with those who were implanted earlier or later.

  2. something not right about that article. the spacing between words are messed up. I am not sure if the website is fake or not, but if you have another link about it , share it.

  3. I noticed the funky formatting too. The "second study" text in that page is linked to this:

  4. And it will be another study that you don't believe when it SHOWS that CI users are happy.

    Clearly YOU are NOT happy.