Friday, October 1, 2010

What Do You Think of This Video Mocking Deaf Vlogger?

The deaf vlogger seems got his own wish come TRUE, but not in the sense of what he wanted!

Real CHAMP about another deaf vlogger took out on the "most infamous and watched" deaf
vlogger in America!!! Her YouTube/DVTV posting was quite superbu and WOW! Wanna see more of this deaf female vlogger!! Yes, the deaf vlogger surely cleaned out Ridor in her own way of roasting Ridor.

Perfect for both Ridor haters and worshippers to view this enclosed video!


  1. Hek or Ridor, both are very stupid human being. They both should be banned using vlogs!

  2. I wish we could all just be nice and respectful.

  3. Spencer,

    I agree with you 100%. Ridor set the precedent of hurting many people. He hurls
    too hateful and hurtful comments. :(


  4. Hahaha! You obviously missed Hek's intentional of vlogging a roast on me -- did you know that I ASKED her to do one for ME?!

    Idiotic fish, you are.