Thursday, June 26, 2008

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Article Raises Journalistic Integrity

Jeannie Aquino and Annysa Johnson wrote the recent Milwaukee Journal Sentinel newspaper article on Deaf Bilingual Coalition (DBC) and Alexander Graham Bell Association of the Deaf (AGBAD) conference.

Aquino and Johnson ever are not the regular staffers at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel newspaper. Their professions are not with any journalism industry at all. Their past journalistic works never find anywhere on the online world or archives within the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel newspapers or other newspapers. Why??

Many newspapers and television stations and other journalistic industry usually have their own policies not to allow any outsiders or non-staffer doing news reporting to avoid any conflict of interests or compromise journalistic integrity.

The remaining questions about who the Joanne Aquino and Annysa Johnson really are.

We ought to take news reporting with "grain of salt" whether the news reporters do not have hir own agenda writing articles.

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)


  1. What did you find out about them? Perhaps they are summer interns?

    I honestly do not think there will be another article in that newspaper. Not unless, some chaos happens.

    So, if DBC is smart, they will not harrass AGB's attendees but do as they say they will, demonstrate peacefully.

    You don't want to mess with Milwaukee's finest in Blue....

    Remember JUDE?

    Stay safe.

  2. Thanks for bringing to light of the questionable journalistic integrity of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel newspaper org. What were they thinking?

  3. I don't see a URL for this article here...where is it, please?


  4. Being a deaf Milwaukeean I have never been more embarrassed by this article.

    One other thing.. I picked up a paper copy of the newspaper.. and the title for the article reads..

    "Groups differ over hearing technology; Cochlear implants have different connotations to different people"

    That's from the final edition!

    Compared to the web version..

    "AGBell and deaf coalition differ on cochlear implants; Organizations have different philosophies on technology and sign language"


  5. RLM,

    I did some checking and both of them did write articles for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel in the past. What's more, they both have e mail addresses at the newspaper.

    Please be very careful about making statements if you cannot back them up. We don't want to aggravate the tension between AGBell and Deaf Community based on erroneous information. I am sure you agree with this.


  6. Is "Milwaukee Journal Sentinel" equivalent of an important newspaper, say, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, or The Washington Post. If the answer is no, do not worry about this newspaper. I have seen a number of "sentinel" newspapers
    in Maryland, They are rarely read
    by extremely well-educated people who prefer newspapers with op-editorial contributed by first-class columnists.

    Fret not.

  7. Hi there,

    I checked out the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel website for the roster of news reporters and contributors. I did not see any of both so-called reporters on the list of staffers.

    Misha, I swear that I did not see Joannie Aquanio and Annysa Johnson on the list of MJS staff roster. I could not find any of their past news reportings.

    Would you, Misha, please post the link to the MSJ staff roster and past articles of theirs? Thanks!

    I always double-check everything before I write my blog postings. Of course, I am not perfect at all.

    We could petition to the Society of American Journalists or oubudsman within the MSJ to give some press time to the DBC for all accurate and fair news reportings. That's all we really need from the press coverage of DBC and AGBAD without interjecting any hidden agenda or intentional bias.

    Jean, I could agree with you what you espouses about the comparsion of MSJ to other major newspapers.

    You have to remmy that many newspapers tend to pick up other newspaper coverages and publish their articles or tweak them as their own.

    Thanks to everyone leaving comments.

    For more information on journalism and ethics.

    Check out the Wikipedia - journalistic intergity on any ISP (Internet Service Provider). Okay?


  8. RLM, all you have to do is google the name of the newspaper and the names of the reporters. You'll see a list of their articles and their newspaper e mail addresses.

    Also several people have already talked with the reporter.

  9. Don't be such a snob, Jean. To someone who lives in Milwaukee that IS the major newspaper. It's what everyone reads. Yes, even well educated people. And by the way, you can't FORCE newspapers to write a story by petition. You are so naive, it's pathetic.

  10. Hmmm... unfortunately DBC got off on the wrong foot when it choose to butt heads with AG Bell. Why? Because AGB represent Oralism and Cochlear Implant movements. For DBC to butt head with AG Bell and say that we are only here to empower and advocate ASL without regards to Oralism and Cochlear Implant is playing naive and stupid because AGB represents Oralism and Cochlear Implant movement. It is little wonder why Milwaukee Journal compared AGB's movement for technology versus DBC's movement for ASL. Don't want the comparision? Don't butt heads with organization that represent Oralism & CI. If DBC had any brains at all they would begin an independent movement based on its own merits without picking a fight with the giant. It is sad how DBC choose to butt heads with AGB as if our metits could not stand on its own. Go figure. DBC recruited ASL powerhouses, who by nature hated Oralism & Cochlear Implants, therefore the decision to butt heads with AGB is not surprising. What we all thought was going to be a historic and break through movement evolved into a docile and fruitless movement due to lack for political and strategic plans. It's a sad time for our Deaf Children.

  11. Anonymous,

    What an interesting observation of latest actions between DBC and AGBell.

    You probably speak the truth how the DBC make some misteps. I have been not present at the DBC and AGBell conferences to draw such a defintion of what is really going on.

    DBC invited the deaf speakers which have been reasonably pragmatic. I really do not know whether those deaf speakers ventermenly hate CIs and Oralism. Yes,they are more likely to focus entirely on the necessity of ASL exposure for visually-oriented kids.

    I agree with you totally about the DBC's lack of national-wide campaign for more effective and transforming approach to get things done, ex. legislation and public awareness campaign and other things than wasting our precious time to pick fights with the AGBell.

    Or you could organize your own causes, ex. formal campaigns to make things possibly happen.

    I had been privately critical of the DBC's effectual leadership, but was frequently persuaded by someone not to post my observation of the DBC leadership few months ago.

    Why no DBC video postings of deaf speakers and attendees on DBC website?

    Let's wait and see if the DBC learn from their own mistakes and turn things around. Okay?