Thursday, June 26, 2008

Yes, There Is Really "Conflict of Interests" Within AGB and Cochlear America, Inc.

 Yes, there is really the "conflict of interests" within the Alexander Graham Bell Association of the Deaf (AGB) and "Cochlear America, Inc". 

  I met the "extremely nice" and 'very attractive" hearing couple last December 2007 at the Logan Circle neighborhood party after the annual house tours. I was not expected to meet anyone from the AGB that Sunday evening.  I found out that one of the couple was a sale representative with the Cochlear America, Inc.  and married to someone, who was fully employed with the AGBAD.  I kept my cool all the evening. 

  I really like this couple very much for being an enjoyful conversationalists throughout the entire evening. I feel somewhat like a sympathizer for the Nazi Gestapo back to the Germany's 1930s for not making ruckus about their questionable connection between the CI manufacturer and non-profit organization's so-called neutral and unbiased information to confused parents of deaf youngsters. 

  Worst of all, the AGBAD employee is a Gallaudet graduate, M.A.  This person keep exclaiming about being truly impressed with one of my deaf friend, who could speak vocally multilingual. That same person keep asking me where is my friend few months later after bumping into this person unexpectedly in public place. 

  After meeting the AGBAD individual, this person suddenly turned to me - "Are you one of the deaf militant on the DeafRead? That person replied "I really am disgusted with deaf militancy on the DR!". I shook my head "No". I had to reply falsely to pluck information from this AGBAD person and Cochlear America, Inc. when they dropped their personal guard for allowing sensitive information flow. 

   I did report to several individuals including Misha Zena last December 2007, but was very anguished about the whole scenario. I was under false pretense as someone else, not being myself as Robert L. Mason. I could not publicly report the connection between AGBAD and Cochlear Implant, Inc. 

   To be honest with you, I enjoyed the presence of couple very much. We chatted in ASL for the whole evening. I studied the couple closely for who and what kind of people they were. My deaf friend asked me what's matter with me after leaving the party scene. I almost vomited on the way out. I insisted to my friend that was time for leaving the place instantly. 

   The AGBAD staffer seems really know who I was at the congressional hearing last May 2008. This person was really good at manipulating emotional reactions like showing sincere concerns about my right leg from last year's auto accident. Or maybe that person really cared about me as a person. Who knows? 

  This AGBAD person notified me that the AGBAD was really overwhelmed with the conference preparation. I offered myself as a volunteer to help out the AGBAD for more inside information, but was flatly rejected on the scene right away. 

I shared my personal anguish with one of deaf friend, who happened to be the NAD member last May 2008 after the congressional hearing. That person replied "So what!" in response to total unacceptable about the conflict of interests within the AGBAD. 

  That is a time for parents of deaf youngsters and the general public to know what is really going on with the Alexander Graham Bell Association of the Deaf 's so-called unbiased stance on cochlear implant and normalization of deaf youngsters in mold and image of hearing people. 

  I finally could get off my chest about this encounter with the AGBAD staffer and Cochlear America, Inc at last. Too bad, I did not bring the digital cam that evening. Darn! 

  The whole situation with the AGBAD and DBC is really about our helpless and vulnerable deaf youngsters and babies. Those kids do need our help to fight back against the sinister and cunning AGBAD and free them to prosper in their educational studies without any hindrance. 

ASLize yours, 
Robert L. Mason (RLM)



  1. Your story might be believable, had you not used the term "AGBAD."

    You were already biased by using that term.


  2. Candy,

    The word AGBAD is Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf.

    Candy, we all know that you are part of those deaf village group that are so misguided.

  3. Chris,

    Many thanks for pointing out the full abbreviation of AGBAD.


    An abbreviation of AGB would be confused with the person, Alexander Graham Bell.

    I thought that was best to spell out the AGBAD, instead of AGB. Okay?

    Enjoy your weekend. :)


  4. If you are going to abreviate the name of the organization you should use the full abreviation which would be AGBADHH. This way it is correct and does not sound negative or biased.