Thursday, June 26, 2008

What You Really Could Do About DBC and AGBAD Conference!

Many of you probably could not go to Milwaukee for attending the Deaf Bilingual Coaltion (DBC) conference this June 27-29 weekend. Something you could do is to write a letter of concern or inquiry to Jeannie Aquino and Annysa Johnson of "Milwaukee Journal Sentinel" for its questionable and biased news reporting about what is going on with the Deaf Bilingual Coalition and Alexander Graham Association of the Deaf (AGBAD) conferences in Milwaukee.

Here is several email address -

General letters to editor - to express your appreciation and thoughts to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel news reporting people.

Please do not send any kind of threatening or intimidating email message. Just be brief and concise and specific what you write. The newspaper editors have such rights to edit and shorten your message. Keep in mind. Okay?

Also send c.c. of your letter of appreciation or criticism via email to Tom Koetting, Deputy Managing Editor for Local News - and Mark Katches, Assistant Managing Editor for Projects and Investigation -

You ought to contact several major and local television news reporting outlets to alert them about the presence of Deaf Bilingual Coalition and Alexander Graham Bell Association of the Deaf conferences -

WTMJ Channel 4 (NBC) - News tip phone number - #414 963 4444
FAX #414 967 5378

WITI Channel 6 (FOX) - I already left message on FOX News Tips. I urge some of you keeping to send your email message to urge the WITI FOX 6 station to send out TV newsreporters

WISN Channel 12 (ABC) -
414 937 3310

WDJT Channel 58 (CBS) -
414 607 8140

Drmzz of "Oh I See" deaf blogger/vlogger recently exposed Alexander Graham Bell Association of the Deaf (AGBAD)'s sinister ploys of requesting the Hyatt hotel and Midway Center to close off the walkway between those public places. AGBAD would do anything to spew its own ideology and belief to clutch into unaware parents of deaf youngsters and babies from opening their own eyes what is really going on with cochlear implant and importance of language acquisition thru visual means.

We must do diligently and intellectually without the Alexander Graham Bell Association of the Deaf (AGBAD) successfully distort and smear deaf people as some kind of Neathederals or anti-progress movement.

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)


  1. Thanks for the email addresses. After sending my letter to the original writer, I sent copies to the additional names you gave. Hopefully the avalanche of similar letters will result in more balanced reporting.