Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Will the ASL Be the Next Target?

Republican gubernational candidate, Tim James recently announced that he HATE foreign languages! He ever spoken before the camera, too.

Will the ASL be the next target for being part of the foreign language studies or what?

Or the ASL being NOT recognized as part of human language when any deaf individual request for the ASL interpretation within the Governor's office or ASL interpretation for the driver's license test? Please check out the enclosed statement from Governor James within this attachment.


Telecast attachment with no captions enclosed -

How come didn't the Governor's Office of Alamaba provide equal access to all Alamabans like captioning Governor's telecast statement?

Don't America realize that we, deaf ASL users are Americans, too?

Some states' Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) require to provide the oral exams for getting the driver's license. What about our right to obtain and acquire the driver's license like everyone else?

Should the Deaf America find the GOP gubernational candidate's statement to be pretty troubling for creating such trends across the country into a nation of intolerance?

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)


  1. Robert:

    Nowhere did he say he hates foreign languages, he said that English is the language of the US, and that people coming here, if they want driver's licenses, etc., need to learn the language. He is correct, because the street signs are all in ENGLISH, not in Russian, Spanish, Pashto, German, French, etc., ENGLISH. As a matter of fact, English is the official language or one of the official languages in 55 different countries of the world, followed by French. (source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_official_languages)

    Running around trying to stir up a sh*t storm by wondering if ASL is the next "target" is a Chicken Little, "sky is falling" ruse you tend to use a lot to get people stirred up unnecessarily. You use ASL, but also write in English. You understand English, and most ASL users have at least a rudimentary, basic understanding of the English language. The two can go hand in hand.

    Please stop trying to stir up trouble, this was focused on one issue: obtaining driver's licenses in Alabama. That's it. He wants the test to be only in English. He's not saying that ASL interpreters can not be provided in oral exams, he's simply talking about the printed tests, and his desire for them to be only in English.

    Eddie (ThumpaFlash)

  2. To Eddie

    As you may know, the US government does not have recognized English as the official language.. Recently, some US States passed the official language laws that recognize English.

  3. David:

    I realize English is not the "official" language of the US per law, however, let's be realistic...it IS the language of the US, no matter how you look at it. I happen to support this initiative. I'm not saying get rid of other languages, I'm saying that if you are going to live here, and work here, and drive here, you should learn English well enough to function here as well in those areas. If a private entity wants to also offer other language signage, that is fine. But for official things such as becoming a naturalized citizen, getting your license, etc., immigrants should learn English well enough to get by.