Wednesday, October 13, 2010

James Kittell STOLE My Idea About "Son .....

*Scoffs* James Kittell never give me any credit for his legendary "YouTube" vlog posting. Look at the enclosed date on his vlog date mark- August 27, 2009.

Look at my blog posting dated "April 27, 2009" -

You, James Kittell never give me any credit for the intellectual property coming from my blog posting. I wait for your formal response via vlog posting. Thanks.

See what James Kittell via ASL Media, Inc said lately on his vlog posting regarding this very vlog posting based on my own idea.
ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)


  1. No offense, but your idea is hardly new. I remember an interpreter joking about poking sticks into hearing kids' ears in 2004. Hell, I remember my own mother re-telling me tales about how Deaf adults joke about wanting surgeries to reverse hearing in children.

  2. Souggy,

    I must differ with your agrument. I am speaking of a radical notion of deafening the hearing child thru forced means.

    Well, James need to realize that he is repeating the deaf folkfore.

    I said that we ought to force the surgery on hearing child to show who is really normal within our definition.


  3. You are not only one he seems like took our idea. I gave a point about Perspective of ASL Expo vlog that he was CEO of and we discussed via VP. I explained him about an idea about our Deaf family had their child surgery to remove a cochlea to be Deaf. He said, "Wow... Good one!" in 2007. Now Bam! Not only he took our idea and he did took an advantage to steal a business profit from Deaf theater troupe in the past. Sighs...

  4. Can you show me the fact that he has stolen your idea?

  5. Bucky48,

    Have u check out my posted blog date back in 2009 with James Kittell's published vlog date?

    Did u really read my entire blog posting on that topic?