Tuesday, August 24, 2010

AB 2072 16 YES 8 NO, BUT ..............

The recent California Senate voted 16 YES and 8 NO for the AB 2072 bill, but not fully known if the quorum being met or what.

Karen Kingrey told me that if the votes go up to 21 for YES. That might be possible for the passage of the AB 2072 bill. Only 24 out of 40 California Senators.

Several state senators repeatedly acknowledged "ASL" as a true language and part of the Deaf community.

If the AB 2072 bill get approved by the California State Senate. The bill will be on the desk of Governor Arnie, who is an Austrian (Austria) like Adolf Hitler, Austrian native himself.

Governor Arnie had the special friendship with the ex-Nazi murderer in the past. Many people questioned how possible for Arnie to say that he never seen such Nazi atriocities in his home country.



ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)


  1. I wonder if Candy, Mike Mc, Russell E, Richard Roehm and other similar clones are Austrian too?

  2. Ha, ha
    the above comment,

    "I wonder if Candy, Mike Mc, Russell E, Richard Roehm and other similar clones are Austrian too?"

    It makes sense why they also have that narcissistic personality attitude. Hitler is very narcissistic too.

  3. It will pass,

    Money over morality.

    Idiot Senators will do anything for the smell of money potentiality over morality needs of Deaf babies and children towards language and education. It is better to speak and hear and that is why we have over 40 million people that speak and hear unable to read and write.

  4. Confirmed report (Thanks to Brian Riley):
    AYES: 23
    NOES: 11
    ABSTAIN: 5

    AB 2072 passed in Senate Awaits concurrence with Assembly, then either signature or veto by Gov. Schwarzenegger before Sept 30

    See below--"first vote" means did not vote this morning

    IN FAVOR: Aanestad Alquist Ashburn (switched from no vote) Blakeskee (brand new senator) Calderon Cedillo DeSaulnier (first vote) Ducheny (first vote) Emmerson Florez Kehoe Leno (first vote) Liu Lowenthal Negrette McCleod (first vote) Pavley Price Romero, Gloria Runner Simitian Steinberg (first vote) Strickland (first vote) (has hard-of-hearing wife) Wright (first vote)

    OPPOSED: Codgill (first vote) Corbett, Ellen Correa, Lou Denham, Jeff Dutton, Bob Hancock (first vote) Hollingsworth, Dennis Walters, Mimi Wolk, Lois Wyland (switched from yes vote) Yee

    NOT VOTING (5 total) Harman Huff Oropeza Padilla Wiggins

  5. Harman didn't vote because hes one of the big shareholders of Sonova a hearing health holding company.