Tuesday, August 24, 2010

VP Dan Quayle's Son ,Ben Quayle Learned ASL in the 90s

Ben Quayle, the eldest son of the former Vice President Dan Quayle, currently run for the U.S. House of Representative seat in Arizona.

I completely forgot about Ben Quayle learned handful of ASL with some deaf postal workers at the U.S. Senate's own Post Office in the tunnels between the Russell and Dirksen Senate building in the early 1990s. I encountered the teenage Ben Quayle at that post office when I found out that someone from the post office did not pick up the mail pouch for an overnight mail. I had to take some fucking mail to the Senate post office distribution system to see that particular mail being sent out of the system.

One of the deaf postal employee eagerly introduced me to Ben Quayle. I replied "That is you, Dan's son working here as what I read from the Roll Call newspaper". He smiled and fingerspelled "B-E-N". I said "Nice to meet you!" That deaf employee and Ben playfully horseplayed after the near end of the workday with ASL signings.

I said to myself "Sheesh, VP Quayle got his teenage son working at the post office. Fine example of family connection and neoptism!"

I wonder whether Ben Quayle still know some ASL or not. Does Ben Quayle have a good impression of deaf people or knowledge of deaf people? I dunno know.

Ben Quayle have been in the a lot of news coverage lately since he ran to his mommy and daddy to tell the Republicans please stop slandering and bashing their own son.

I also never forgot how culturally backward VP Dan Quayle was with the Tim Burton's "Batman" film. Dan was totally shocked when he took Ben to see "Batman" and found the different Batman - more violent and sadistic than the campy Batman tv show in the 1960s.

Don't Dan Quayle keep up with the cultural and social events like Frank Miller's "Dark Knight" comic very popular in the late 1980s which Tim Burton's "Batman" film was largely based on?

Ever Dan Quayle famously mispelled "p o t o t e s" for potatoes. He ever corrected the schoolchildren by writing " p o t o t e s" on the school blackboard. Amen to Dan.

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason


  1. As usual, you don't fact-check yourself, Robert. He didn't write the word, he was given a flash card with that spelling during a spelling bee at a school. For the WHOLE story, check out this link:


    Pay particular attention to the end, where they tell what happened to the child after high school. With your poor written English, you definitely are not someone who should be critical of other's mistakes. Also, at least the teenage Ben was WORKING as a teenager. Rather than focus on "nepotism" (not neoptism as you spelled it), focus on him learning a work ethic at a young age, and that his exposure to ASL and members of the deaf community at a young age has no doubt remained with him. I'm sure he still would be able to have a positive memory of it.

    Eddie (ThumpaFlash)

  2. Dan Quayle's moment of embarrassment. William Figueroa, 12, was the boy who knew how to spell "potato" even though the veep insisted on adding an "e" to the end.

    hun - want to correct the info...

  3. perhaps you should look into DAS (Buffalo) something stinks at that agency - they probably will not hire any deaf for the jobs. It looks like too many hearing people are raiding the cookie jar.

  4. Eddie,

    Thanks for the factual correction. I vaguely remembered the embarassing moments within VP Dan Quayle's "pototes".

    I will double-check your so-called fact.

    I am sure that I will be the one to criticize your ASL signings someday. :)

    I am very glad that you did not get the NAD CEO job at all. Big grin!

    You are surely the big-time AUDIST for putting down other deaf people's English writing skills!

    At least, I have some respect for you to use your own real name.


  5. Anonymous 11:54 am,

    Many thanks for the news tip. U ought to email me privately so I could do some investigation of the DAS in Buffalo without alerting the DAS employees to destroy their evidence.

    I will take a look into this matter this weekend. Okay?

    Here is my email address - rlmdeaf@hotmail.com

    Thanks again for the tip which I truly appreciate it very much.


  6. go through videotapes of town hall meetings you will notice how angry deaf are at DAS and google for more


  7. Robert:

    I'm an audist for calling you out on a spelling error when YOU were criticizing a former VP? That's a big leap, and you know it. IT makes NO difference if the person is deaf or not, poor written English is poor written English. That does not, by ANY definition, make me an audist.

    Feel free to criticize my ASL signings. I freely acknowledge I am not a fluent signer, or not AS fluent as someone who has been signing all of their lives. I did not learn sign until I was 21 years old, and harbor no grand illusions that I am a masterful signer. I sign.. that's it. No one will ever mistake me for someone they would want to videotape and show as a good example. But I care about FACTS, not innuendo and stirring the pot. If something is wrong, I call it what it is, that's all. You need to simmer down a little and not take it so personally when someone points out something you do wrong, it's called "constructive criticism".


  8. Eddie,

    That is a grand difference between me stated the fact about what happened with VP Dan Quayle and pototo. He is a public figure, not me.

    I write blog postings to keep the deaf communty abreast of deaf news WITHOUT any salaries.

    I usually write blogs without being careful or plenty of time.

    You done was not a constructive criticism. U just done "gotcha" game or humilated me in very public way.

    I guess that I better stop writing the blog posting from now.


  9. Robert:

    You humiliate yourself just fine, I don't need to do it for you. While you are not a public figure, per se, your posting of blogs in a public forum invites criticism from anyone who reads it, if criticism is called for.

    I wasn't trying to get you to stop writing, and if a little response like what I posted makes you stop writing, you have VERY thin skin.

    You repeatedly slam people like Candy for using that name on her posts instead of her full real name. Yet, what about people who just use an initial, like Ridor was prone to, etc.? My biggest beef is that sometimes you go off on a tangent about something that is really not at all relevant, nor material, to deaf issues. But you also have hit some issues very well, bringing to light serious issues that need to be talked about and spread. Just like any blogger. I know for a fact you have been upset at blog pieces I have done, but also agreed with some as well.

    Chill out a little, the stress isn't worth it.


  10. Hey, FYI,

    I learn after I read other website in MSNBC or something I cannot remember where I read and learn that it is not actually information were incorrect.

    Ben Quayle is nephew of Dan Quayle. he is not looking like his uncle. Umm.. where I got it .

  11. Forgive me!! I read the website might be put wrong information. The reason why I am misinformed by somewhere from website.


    Apologized for misunderstood.

    Deaf Pixie

  12. Deaf Pixie,

    Oh I see! Tks for the info. U probably are right about this one.


  13. Deaf Pixie,

    Here is the info from Wiki -

    Benjamin "Ben" Quayle (born November 5, 1976) is an American lawyer, businessman and the Republican candidate in the United States House of Representatives elections, 2010 for Arizona's 3rd congressional district.[1]

    He is the second son of former Vice President Dan Quayle and his wife Marilyn. Ben Quayle was born three days after his father was first elected to the United States House of Representatives in 1976.[2]

    Quayle graduated from Duke University in 1998 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in history and earned a Juris Doctor from Vanderbilt University Law School in 2002.[3]

  14. RLM,

    I was not aware until I read and realized I had to say OOPS!
    I mixed up some else's name which I did confused in first place. Sorry I did not responses so long time for 7 days.

    Thank you for acceptable with my apologized

    Deaf Pixie