Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Problems with Candy's Latest Blog .......

The real problem with the latest blog posting from Candy (why can't she use her real name, Gina Sutton so far?) The journalist or anyone submit their written article or vlog entry ought to use their real name to lend more credibility to any DeafRead submits.

Before going further with the original purpose of this blog posting in reaction to Candy's blog. The upcoming legal case involves with the legality of anonymous author/commentators to be illegal within the constitutional issue. We, the Americans will face the changed nature of Internet to forbade the "anonymous" author/commentators.

One online blogger wrote such "convincing" article about President Obama being a secret member of the gay sex club in Chicago. The major problem is the alias name of Russian journalist like Candy. (Will post the enclosure about Obama's so-called gay ravenous in Chicago by letting the older gentlemen done the fetallio on Obama's dingy in the end of this blog posting. Okay?) This article have been pretty dismissed by many people about the so-called credibility of sources and other stuff.)

Candy done again with the plucking of the AB 2072 opposition's outreach materials for the California Senate not to vote on the AB 2072 bill, etc.

Candy did post the pdf attachment, but she knew that people read her blog posting WITHOUT BOTHERING to check out the attached link or READ the attachment.

Here is the full portion of the AB 2072 opposition's material for California Senators -

4. The opposition to AD 2072 refuse to work with Mendoza.
The Deaf community is the community of people who are the most impacted by this bill and we were not even contacted when Mendoza first authored this bill. We have met with Mendoza andhis Legislative Director. Rene Bayardo. at least twice each month in addition to email correspondence. It wa during the first meeting with Mr. Mendoza that we learned that although he authored AB 2072, he wa not able to explain what each of the communication options listed inhis bill (cued speech and total communication) were. Hence, we took the opportunity to educate him and rayed in touch with him regarding provisions in the bill, especially since we are the community oE people most impacted y this bill and ar the community of people who were not included in the first place when this bill was first authored.

Candy surely know how to TWIST things around by skipping "and we were not even contacted when Mendoza first authored this bill.

Please double-check out every source all the deaf detractors and jesters when they enclose any link. Thanks.

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)


  1. Passed! Keep bitchin'

  2. RLM,
    Ya gotta understand people like Candy, aka: Gina Sutton, a person claiming to be dod-deaf of deaf parents(dysfunctional?) that hides in the closet to bash the Deaf community and refuse to be in public and continues to be part of the oppressor towards the Deaf community of their righteous having natural language to enhance their education system.

    She, Candy, Gina Sutton got a personal problem and we need to ignore her completely. She is a bono fide sicko.

  3. To Anonymous - the stupid moron - 6:16 pm

    It did not pass.

    It takes 21 votes to pass, not the present 16 votes from those senators right now. They need five more idiot (moron like yourself) senators to vote aye.

  4. They need 5 more before when?