Monday, August 16, 2010

How Ironic for the AB 2072 Supporter Wrote This Blog Posting in 2007

Accidentally stumbled into the staunch AB 2027 supporter's past 2007 blog posting about the severity of misdiagnosis of deaf people over decades. Guess who???? What a major hypocrite he is!

Here is the link (I urge many of you download or copy/paste to keep the evidence of this blog posting to keep the blogger from deleting the blog posting) -


ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)


  1. I don't see what the relation of AB 2072 to that post. Perhaps you need some good English.

  2. OCDAC / is actutally Richard Roehm. He can't hide from everyone.

  3. Richard (OCDAC),

    You feverently supported the AB 2072 which you said that audiologists knew what they were doing.

    What about the misdiagnosis of deaf children by people with white coats?

    That's what I made my point about you and other hyprocritical supporters of the AB 2072 bill.

    Yes, I notice that I could write much better.

    I was very mentally and physically exhausted while writing that blog posting.


  4. Applauded to RLM, I do agree with you and OCDAC just simply pea-brain!

    he is not belongs to Deaf Community.. he need to move to hard of hearing which he should not be come into DeafRead or DeafVideo or ASLROCK...Richard definitely hypocrite and AB 2073 is really also hypocrite,

    True story, Over one years ago, I watched the Video from DeafVideo. One deaf man tell his experienced with his deaf baby were failed the hearing screen. Doctor kind of worry and pushed to his hearing wife who is also interpreter. she say "No,We don't want to have our baby to take C.I. and few yeas later their child is not deaf. They knew their child is not deaf until grow older and older. He actually is hearing. The reason why Doctor do not training as wrong assume that deaf or hearing babies to take CI. before they became 1 or 2 years old.
    Think about it. AB 2073 are seem bad idea!!

    The reason why doctor do not know if baby is hearing or deaf. Wait and old enough to find out. I rather NOTHING to not put C.I on my child if I have a deaf child. My two daughter are hearings. I knew something wrong with my older daughter fail response due to full ear wax. it is funny about earwax can confused.

  5. The audiologists know what they are doing. They are leading the future generations toward the promised land where they will live as equals to everyone else in society. There is nothing wrong with the rising of the deaf society to a level that they can function independently and not be part of a closed society of dependent people.

    We are winning and I see "Desperation Maximus" from the opponents.

    Richard Roehm