Monday, August 16, 2010

Tony Mendoza, the AB 2072 Guy Is a Dirty Pol!

The California media outlets reported on Assemblyperson Tony Mendoza from time to time in regard to the issue of his ethical conductiveness as an elected official.

First of all, the Los Angeles Times reporter and people in general, questioned Tony Mendoza's intention with the teacher salaries bill. Many people considered
such an unncessary situation to bring up the bill. Others seen Mendoza doing the "conflict of interest" stuff since his wife was the main reason for the teacher salaries bill.

Tony Mendoza was in the pocket of supermarket retailers trying to avert the existing law. He and several California lawmakers received a lot of million dollars for their war campaign chests. Mendoza ever want to allow the wine tasting at the gas stations!

Mendoza got the heat about the taxpayers footed his car use -

Tony Mendoza is serving on handful of standing committees for the California Legislature including "Rules" Committee focused on ethical practices of California legislators. How unethical for Tony Mendoza to serve on the "Rules" Committee while he have been the target of "questionable ethics" investigation! Please read all the enclosed pages to see the pattern of Mendoza serve on particular committee(s). Finances, Banking, Redistricting and Election and "Rules"

Is Rep. Tony Mendoza in the deep pockets within the cochlear implant makers and the audio-visual therapy (AVT) schools ???

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)

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