Monday, August 16, 2010

Here's EVIDENCE About Deaf Girl Spent 70 Years In Mental Hospital

Someone sent me a private email message which this person never read or seen about the deaf girl spent her 70 years in the mental hospital based on misassumption. The staffers at the mental hospital were much aware of the deaf girl's own innocence, but still bounced her from mental hospital to another mental hospital. Kinda sound familiar to all of us?

Of course, the AB 2072 bill will do very same thing to our deaf children -

I read differently from what this newspaper enclosure refer to.

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)


  1. Poor lady go through and education seem faded to not learn ASL in her lifetime which she did not committed this crime. Glad her brother found her since he traced and find the details with his parents misinformation or struggled .. That's sad!

    My heart kind of wrenched already.

    Deaf Pixie

  2. That's so sad : / The client I deinstitutionalized was at an institution for 54 years. Notice they all have one thing in common? They were placed in institutions many decades ago. This woman and my client were already identified as Deaf but put in institutions due to lack of Deaf services. Still they got 'forgotten', languishing in the institutions for decades. No excuse.

    I don't hear stories about the younger generations being placed in inappropriate institutions any more. We have multiple specialized programs now, including National Academy for the Deaf.

    Still with human nature, there is always the possibility of this happening again with the clients falling between the cracks. sigh


  3. RLM- My question is where the lady from?

  4. I think I must've missed it, but I didn't see where the article said that she was Deaf when she was young, only when she was old. Can someone help me figure out where the article says that she was Deaf since a young age or Deaf since she was institutionalized?

  5. Deaf Pixe,

    The deaf lady is from UK (England).

    Anonymous 3:19pm,

    The deaf girl was placed at the mental hosptial at age of 15, then got released at age of 74.